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So you found us. . . Well sort of. 

We are hard at work getting things ready for the Calgary Expo 2014!  Many new products are in the works! 

This leaves little time to update this website!

But WAIT!  Facebook! 

The all seeing and all knowing Facebook has a page on it that is dedicated to Red Dragon! 

Go there.  We upload pictures and update that page more often than here. 

Go!  See!  Explore!  




You have seen the costumes, the weapons, and other assorted props, now get them for yourself!


RedDragonOmega has what you need to complete your Cosplay experience!







All products on this site are made to order and for use in Cosplay. 

All products are replicas and NOT official merchandise by any company. 

We make these items for fun and for the Cosplay community.  

We make no claims to have created these awesome props but we replicate them to complete your Cosplay experience.

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