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Digimon Season Two

You loved the show but the details are starting to fade. 


That's what we are for. 


Here is a basic list of the characters from Season Two. 


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Davis Motomiya and Veemon

Davis is the leader of the new DigiDestined. He is stubborn and implusive but is a strong leader. He has a huge crush on Kari.

Davis has the traits of Courage Friendship and Miracles.

Veemon is Davis' partner Digimon.  He is every bit as impulsive as Davis and has a matching crush on Kari's partner, Gatomon.


 Fresh Chibomon
 In-Training DemiVeemon
 Rookie Veemon
 Champion Ex Veemon
 Ultimate Paildramon
 Mega Imperialdramon
DNA Digivolution (with Stingmon)
 Ultimate Paildramon
 Mega Imperialdramon
 Mega Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
 Mega Imperialdramon Palading Mode

Armour Digivolution

 Digi-Egg of Courage
 Digi-Egg of Frinedship  Raidramon
 Digi-Egg of Miracles


Digivice Replica


          Front                        Back with Clip


Yolei Inoue and Hawkmon

Yolei takes after Izzy in her computer and technical knowledge and has a crush on Ken. She can be stubborn but definitely has the traits of Love and Sincerity.

Yolei is the first of the DigiDestined to be partnered with an opposite sex Digimon, as Hawkmon is male.

Hawkmon is Yolei's partner digimon.  He is very logical and can use his feathered wings like fingers.



 Fresh Pururumon
 In-Training Poromon
 Rookie Hawkmon
 Champion Aquilamon
 Ultimate Silphymon
 Mega Valkyrimon
DNA Digivolution (with Gatomon)
 Ultimate Silphymon

Armour Digivolution

 Digi-Egg of Love
 Digi-Egg of Sincerity  Shurimon
 Digi-Egg of Friendship


Digivice Replica


Cody Hida and Armadillomon

Cody may be the youngest of the DigiDestined, but he is very serious and a careful thinker, much like Joe.

Cody has the traits of Knowledge and Reliability.

Armadillomon is Cody's Digimon partner.  He is Cody's opposite, being very easy going. 


 In-Training Upamon
 Rookie Armadillomon
 Champion Ankylomon
 Ultimate Shakkoumon
DNA Digivolution (with Angemon)
 Ultimate Shakkoumon

Armour Digivolution

 Digi-Egg of Knowledge
 Digi-Egg of Reliability  Submarimon
 Digi-Egg of Love



Digivice Replica


Takeru "T.K." Takaishi and Patamon

T.K. is one of the origional DigiDestined who finds his way back into the Digital World.  

He has the trait of Hope.

Patamon is back as T.K.'s partner Digimon.  He is childish and playful, and is the last to achieve his Digivolutions.



 Fresh Poyomon
 In-Training Tokomon
 Rookie Patamon
 Champion Angemon
 Ultimate MagnaAngemon
 Mega Seraphimon
DNA Digivolution (with Ankylomon)
 Ultimate Shakkoumon

Armour Digivolution

 Digi-Egg of Hope
 Digi-Egg of Light  Manbomon


Digivice Replica



Hikari "Kari" Kamiya and Gatomon

Kari has grown up a lot from the first season.  She gave her whistle to Gatomon and replaced it with a Digital Camera.

Kari has the traits of Courage Light.

Gatomon is the Champion form of the Digimon and is the prefered form but requires more energy.



 In-Training Nyaromon
 Champion Gatomon
 Ultimate Angewoman
 Mega Ophanimon
DNA Digivolution (with Aquilamon)
 Ultimate Silphymon

Armour Digivolution

 Digi-Egg of Light
 Digi-Egg of Knowledge  Butterflymon


Digivice Replica


          Front                              Back with Clip

Ken Ichijougi and Wormmon

Ken is a prodigy in academics and sports.  He has been DigiDestined for years but was influenced by the Dark Spore that drove him mad.

He became the Digimon emperor and conquered the Digital World.  Ken was cruel and evil but when the Dark Spore wore off he became a quiet and kind guy again.

Davis has the traits of Kindness.

Wormmon is quiet and kind, a contrast to evil Ken.  Wormmon sacrifices himself for Ken and helps Ken change.

Wormmon is reborn and returns to Ken in Primary Village.



 In-Training Minomon
 Rookie Wormmon
 Champion Stingmon
 Ultimate Dinobeemon
 Mega GranKuwagamon
DNA Digivolution (with ExVeemon)
 Ultimate Paildramon
 Mega Imperialdramon
 Mega Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
 Mega Imperialdramon Palading Mode

Armour Digivolution

 Digi-Egg of Kindness


Digivice Replica



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